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Pioneering Superabsorbent Polymers for Efficient Waste Management

Cutting-edge superabsorbent solutions transform liquid waste into stackable solids in real-time, offering a wide range of benefits for your business and the environment.

Change Liquids to Solids

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Transform liquid waste into stackable solids in real-time. The result is less waste, lower transportation and disposal costs, better safety, better control, and compliance while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Liquid Management


Waste Solutions

Turning liquid into a solid has several advantages: easier handling, cheaper and safer transportation.
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Mining Solutions

Aprotek USA supplies waste management solutions for every phase of the mining process.
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Lagoon Solutions

Providing a wide range of water management tools to positively influence water quality.
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Soil Solutions

Robust water retainer when incorporated into a soil or substrate.
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How to Save with APROTEK superabsorbent products

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