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APROTEK was founded in 2013 and specializes in the supply of superabsorbent polymers for technical, industrial, ecological, or energy applications. Our superabsorbent polymers focus primarily on the disposal of liquid waste and work in five main areas:




Cold Packaging

APROTEK, Specializing In Providing Technical Superabsorbent Products

APROTEK draws its strength from its team, which has decades of know-how and experience in the application of polymers across multiple industries and applications within those industries; on-the-ground, shoulder-to-shoulder client collaborative application experience; and sound partnerships honed over years of working together with our many global suppliers. We are also known for providing the shortest lead-times based on project location, our highly competitive pricing; and the comfort our clients have in having the inventory they need when they need it.

We have strong knowledge of international trade, and from our partners, who are high-level industrial producers. We have a permanent stock of superabsorbent products in Asia, Europe, and the USA. We can provide you with the shortest lead times for any project location.

Our Responsiveness Is The Key To Our Success!


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Our experience in the industrial market, and especially with the leading manufacturers of superabsorbent products, allows us to guarantee you the best supply of raw materials at the best cost.


In addition to providing superabsorbent products, APROTEK offers support and advice in your projects to optimize the selection of superabsorbent products to achieve an optimal price-performance ratio.

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