AproMud™ is a superabsorbent polymer that when applied to a liquid can transform it into a solid for transportation and storage.
AproMud™ G300 & P150 XL grades demonstration in water.
How to use AproMud™ on sludge.
AproMud™ your total sludge management solution.
AproMud™ application in wet spoils , Part I.
AproMud™ application in wet spoils , Part II.
AproMud™ special M grades, a superior absorbent to solidify tank bottoms and tank washouts.
AproMud™ cleaning rainwater and storm water retention basin.
AproMud™ formulations for innovative and sustainable ecosystems.
Demonstration of AproMud™ sludge solidification.
AproMud™ demonstration in concrete water.
AproFloc™ water clarification demonstration.
Colmatek™ leakage control demonstration.