Lagoon Clearing

Lagoon Clearing Case Study


The cleaning of the lagoon was performed to determine the source of volatile organic compounds (VOC) previously tested in a wastewater lagoon, with samples of groundwater, surface water, and sludge collected beforehand. VOCs above quality standards were detected in all samples.


The lagoon (approximately 515,000 gallons) was drained, and the water was treated and disposed of offsite. The remaining 280 tons of lagoon mud were solidified with the same superabsorbent products using AproMud™ series.

A total of 290 tons of solidified material were transported to a disposal plant. Superabsorbent polymer (SAP) was selected to reduce transportation and disposal costs.


The use of conventional solidifying agents such as sawdust, lime kiln dust, or cement would have significantly increased the volume of waste and overall transportation and disposal costs. SAP products saved this customer thousands of dollars.