Aprotek USA: A Proud Sponsor and Innovator at No-Dig North 2023

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Nastt No Dig North 2023

Celebrating Innovation: Aprotek USA at No-Dig North 2023 in Edmonton

In the realm of underground infrastructure solutions, innovation is the driving force, and Aprotek USA stands at the forefront. We are delighted to announce our participation as a sponsor in the highly anticipated No-Dig North 2023 event, set to take place in Edmonton, Alberta, from October 23 to 25. This event, a must-attend for underground infrastructure professionals, is where Aprotek is poised to make a significant impact.

What is No-Dig North?

No-Dig North is more than just an event; it’s a convergence of brilliant minds in the trenchless technology field. Hosted by the North American Society for Trenchless Technology’s (NASTT) Canadian chapters, this event comprises two days of technical paper presentations and industry exhibits. It serves as a platform where industry experts and professionals come together to explore the latest solutions for underground infrastructure challenges.

Who Should Attend No-Dig North?

No-Dig North is designed to cater to a diverse audience, including municipalities, contractors, consulting engineers, gas/electric utilities, pipeline and energy professionals, industrial facilities representatives, and experts in damage prevention and safety. With such a varied attendee base, the event promises to be a hub of ideas, solutions, and collaboration.

Aprotek USA’s Participation and Sponsorship

Aprotek USA is not only an active participant but also a proud sponsor of No-Dig North 2023. Our commitment to advancing liquid waste solutions is reflected in our sponsorship of this pivotal event. At our booth #325, you’ll find a team of experts ready to showcase our innovative Superabsorbent Polymers and explain how they address the unique challenges faced by underground infrastructure professionals. Additionally, our sponsorship signifies our dedication to supporting the trenchless technology community.

Benefits of Aprotek’s Superabsorbent Polymers

Our Superabsorbent Polymers, presented as white powders, possess an extraordinary capacity for gradual absorption of aqueous solutions, transforming them into soft and deformable gels. With an absorption capacity of more than 300 times their mass in water, these polymers have become indispensable. Aprotek specializes in supplying these polymers to solve problems related to sludge containment, water absorption and retention, sealing, and gelation of liquids.

Imagine the possibilities – from efficiently managing liquid waste to sealing and containing fluids in diverse industrial settings. Our polymers have proven their worth in numerous applications, and we’ll be sharing real-world examples and case studies at our booth.

Unlocking the Future: Aprotek USA’s Commitment at No-Dig North 2023

As No-Dig North 2023 approaches, the excitement within the underground infrastructure community continues to build. Aprotek USA is honored to be part of this event, both as a sponsor and as a participant, connecting with fellow professionals and contributing our expertise to this dynamic field.

Call to Action

We invite all attendees to visit the Aprotek USA booth #325 and attend our presentation to witness the game-changing potential of Superabsorbent Polymers. Stay updated on our latest announcements and event-related news by following our social media channels and visiting our website. Together, we will explore the future of trenchless technology at No-Dig North 2023, fueled by innovation and collaboration!

Conference Venue

Edmonton Convention Centre
9797 Jasper Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 1N9

From October 23 – 25, 2023.