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Solidification of sludge for washing and cleaning operations

WHEEL Clean & Wash Mobile Station Installations


The sustained displacements of toxic and non-toxic mud and dust accumulated on mining & construction machinery and trucks represent a source of danger with regard to the operational efficiency of worksites and the cleanliness and roadways – making these environments slippery, muddy, and quite dusty when the trucks lose their mud and wheel-borne debris on the roads.

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WHEELCLEAN, a leader in the management of wheel cleaning for all types of machines and trucks, has developed mobile truck and heavy equipment wash installations, with or without jets, for wheel cleaning. This operation considerably reduces the presence of dust in the summer and sludge in the rain and winter seasons in the vicinity of the construction sites.


The ingenious Wheel-Cleaner system removes sediment and collects them in settling tanks/pit/basins. This process creates a sludge that must be regularly removed for optimizing truck and heavy machinery performance and operation.

This cleaning process of these pits/basins is often out-sourced and costly. Also, it forces downtime for use of needed equipment for several days to empty the tanks/pits, often done via hydro-excavation, which requires time and adds to the total cleaning costs.

APROTEK, a specialist in sludge dewatering using organic polymer dewatering agents, offers the advantage of independent de-mudding and cleaning management.

Our super dewatering agent APROMUD™ can absorb extremely high volumes of water, making it possible to easily shovel your now completely solidified sludge using conventional equipment; and the APROMUD™ dewatering action takes only an hour to get the job done.

APROMUD™ can be applied manually and then mixed with a backhoe for drip-free excavation and non-leaking transportation via truck.

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Saving of 30 to 50% of transport capacity

Optimization of treatment and storage facilities

Saves time on site. Reduces water consumption

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With a dosage of 0.5% to a maximum of 1.5% APROMUD™, after mixing using any conventional equipment, solidification occurs within minutes.

APROMUD™ can be combined with other minerals such as cement, clay, or dry soil if a better mechanical resistance and compatibility of treated sludge is required.


  • Significantly reduces costs considered across all handling phases involved in waste treatment, including time, labor, equipment, and fees

  • A maximum of 1/2 day of intervention per pit or basin will be needed, compared to 2 days with the hydro-cleaning solution

  • Inert product, will not change the pH

  • Reduced water consumption and soil transport

  • Negligible increase (less than 1%) in total sludge volume/weight

  • Creates the possibility of recycling 100% of your sludge, providing increased alignment with organizational sustainability policies.